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CloudSNAP: Transparent Infrastructure for Decentralized Web Deployment

Tuesday, 27 September 2011: New publication available.
CloudSNAP got an article published on Future Generation Computer Systems Journal: Special Issue on Clouds and SOA. You may check it out at the Documentation section.

Monday, 1 November 2010: CloudSNAP 1.0. RC
CloudSNAP release candidate version Download section.

Monday, 20 April 2009: CloudSNAP beta.
CloudSNAP beta version based completely on distributed AOP middleware (Damon). In addition, several experimental functionalities are included Download section.

Friday, 30 June 2006: SNAP 1.0 RC and Jounin 1.0 released.
SNAP new version and Jounin's initial version released. Moreover, a set of new applications for SNAP and Jounin are added in the Download section.

Monday, 06 March 2006: SNAP 0.5 released.
SNAs new version is released, it includes p2pWeb services features and major bug fixing. Installer distribution version added.

Saturday, 01 October 2005: SNAP release split
Documentation and release notes available at the Documentation section. SNAP's distribution has divided into the binary release and the source code release.

Saturday, 17 September 2005: SNAP 0.1 released
SNAP first version is released. Documentation and release notes will be available soon. Meanwhile, you may take a look at the readme.txt file.

Wednesday, 31 August 2005: New ObjectWeb hosting for SNAP
SNAP has become an ObjectWeb Consortium project.


CloudSNAP is a platform for transparent web application and services deployment. It uses distributed P2P interception techniques to build its transparent infrastructure. This transparency makes transitioning from standard web systems an easy process. The current prototype implements dynamic load-balancing, session tracking, and persistence services. In addition, this prototype is validated and tested in a real large-scale scenario. 


Quick facts
  • Web application deployment platform
  • Uniform application location - using URI-style addresses like snap://domain/document_or_services
  • Transparent adaptation and load balancing of web applications
  • Decentralized session tracking mechanisms
  • Database persistence edge service
  • Web services availability
  • Decentralized Java EE application and web services deployment
  • Open source licensed under LGPL license

More information

Learn more in the publication section.

Related middleware solutions and applications


Damon is a fully distributed AOP middleware built on top of a structured P2P and dynamic AOP substrates. Its main aim is to provide the necessary abstractions and services to develop distributed aspects in large-scale scenarios.
  • Distributed Composition Model
  • Scalable Deployment Platform
  • Underlying P2P and AOP Mechanisms
Development version available on the Damon website.

UniWiki is an efficient P2P system for storing distributed wikis, with a typical user interface, but extended to large-scale scenarios transparently. This project provides the customized web server and the Uniwiki web application
  • Support for legacy wiki applications in a decentralized fashion
  • Distribution, replication and consistency tranparent functionalities
  • Worldwide availability to wiki data, regardless of node failures
  • Fully compatible with the CloudSNAP platform
Development version available on the UniWiki website.

d-UDDI is a decentralized service registry that follows the Java standard (JAX-R) and offers a similar services as other UDDI implementations. The main available features are as follows:
  • p2p URL support
  • Tag-oriented
  • Keyword based
Development version available on the Download section.

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